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Ladies - would you like to start your day with a song?  Do you like contemporary styles or jazz? Do you like to sing with your friends, but can’t fit choir into your schedule?  Are you a member of a mixed choir, but would love to bond with other ladies through music? Then Pacappellas is for you! This vocal ensemble meets every Friday morning from 7:00-7:45 and is open to all women at WHS who love to sing!  Pacappellas will sing at the holiday and jazz concerts, solo & ensemble, and other performance opportunities as possible . The group is comprised of freshmen through senior ladies. We welcome staff members and parents who love to sing as well! The literature selected for the group ranges from medium-easy to advanced, and will be mostly a-cappella, contemporary, jazz, and/or Broadway in style.  If you want to end your week with a fun singing experience, this is for you!

Ms. Lussier
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