Ladies - would you like to start your day with a song?  Do you like contemporary styles or jazz? Do you like to sing with your friends, but can’t fit choir into your schedule?  Are you a member of a mixed choir, but would love to bond with other ladies through music? Then Pacappellas is for you! This vocal ensemble meets every Friday morning from 7:00-7:45 and is open to all women at WHS who love to sing!  Pacappellas will sing at the holiday and senior tribute concerts. The group is comprised of freshmen through senior ladies. We welcome staff members and parents who love to sing as well! The literature selected for the group ranges from medium-easy to advanced, and will be mostly a-cappella, contemporary, jazz, and/or Broadway in style.  If you want to end your week with a fun singing experience, this is for you!

Ms. Lussier

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Joe Sbertoli

Athletic/Activities Director

715-258-4131 ext. 1029

Cindy Ikert

Athletic/Activities Secretary

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Tel: 715-258-4131

Fax: 715-258-4135

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