Math Team

Math Team is a fun and competitive activity that any student can participate in. It is a great way for students to develop problem-solving skills and encounter math topics that they may not see in a classroom.  Math Team gives students who enjoy math an opportunity to work on challenging problems that stretch their brains.


We compete in two different math leagues each year.  The Wisconsin Math League is made up of six contests that are completed at the high school.  Three times a year we also travel to UWSP to compete in the Central Wisconsin Mathematics League competitions, where students can earn both individual and team awards. 


 We have been very successful while having a great time learning together! If you’re interested, contact your math teacher for more information.

Ms. Jahnke

Contact Us

Joe Sbertoli

Athletic/Activities Director

715-258-4131 ext. 1029

Cindy Ikert

Athletic/Activities Secretary

715-258-4131 ext. 1028

Tel: 715-258-4131

Fax: 715-258-4135

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