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Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble is a co-curricular activity at WHS. It is open to all students who are currently enrolled in one of the instrumental ensembles as Concert Band or Wind Ensemble.

To become a member, you must be a saxophone, trumpet, or trombone player or a percussionist. You may also audition for membership as a guitarist, or piano or bass guitar player at the discretion of the director. Admittance as one of these performers is based upon your current knowledge and skill level. Guitarists and pianists must be able to read and perform from a standard jazz ensemble piece in both choral and melodic notation. Knowledge of “swing-style” is essential; however, a great deal of time is spent upon mastery of the various jazz styles. In addition, strength in sight-reading and performing solo material is a necessity since much of the music is individually “scored” requiring the player to read his/her part alone within their respective sections.

Ms. Hepfler
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