Thank You Comet Supporters!

   Our coaches, advisers, students and staff all recognize how fortunate we are to have the great community support that we do. Because of this support, our students are able to choose from any of the 50 extra-curricular programs at the high school level and 26 at the Waupaca Middle School. We believe the School District of Waupaca has an option for students with all interests and passions to be involved in a program of their choice outside of their academic schedule.

   As we work to continue supporting our extra-curricular offerings, we feel it is important to highlight the value of these programs within the District. Currently, under 2% of the overall operating budget goes to support our extracurricular offerings. This value is a result of great people who take the form of coaches and advisers within the Waupaca School District. These individuals give countless hours for little pay to ensure these opportunities exist for our students.

  If you or anyone you know is interested in financially supporting these offerings you can do so through the secure PayPal account listed below. All contributions will directly benefit our programs. An effort will be made to ensure all donated funds go towards servicing the larger student body rather than any specific program. Thank you for your consideration and for your support of the Waupaca Comets!!!