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What do Dakota Marlega, Josh Gad, Adam Sandler, Brad Pitt, and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They all participated in high school forensics and have chosen their careers because of it.

    Forensics—also referred to speech and debate—offers opportunities for 9th through 12 grade students to compete in 18 different speech categories made up of interpretative and original speech events. Reading, acting, and storytelling make up the interpretative events while demonstration, individual speeches, and student congress make up the original events. While most students participate in the full season from December to April, students have the flexibility to participate in as many or as few tournaments as possible.  Most competitions are held on Saturdays although there are some Friday overnighters. Practices with coaches are flexible—either before, during, or after school depending on individual schedules.

    The ability to qualify for and compete at national tournaments offers travel opportunities and the challenge to compete with students nationally. Students compete earning points for membership in the prestigious National Speech and Debate Association and are eligible for state and national scholarships. Forensic experience is a definite plus on college applications.

    Students interested in the areas of communication, media, theater, music, teaching, law, and business will find forensic experience a great asset to their futures.

Please note:  The school’s extra curricular fee of $20 applies to forensics because it is a competitive activity.

Mr. Otte
Laura Saunders
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