Disc Golf Club

The Disc Golf Club, a student-led organization, is a gathering of disc enthusiasts who live by the two club mottos: “Discing is fun” and “Spread the love that is disc golf." Participating students desire to improve their disc skills regardless of the level and are open to meeting new people and working together as a community of discers with a fun-loving attitude. In order to play on the Waupaca Educational Disc Golf Escape, which is on school property, members also must do maintenance work on the course.
The club meets officially one or two evenings per week after school typically in the spring but that can change based on student desire. Unofficially, club members meet every day that they can to play on their own and plan, organize, and execute their own trips to other disc events and seek out new disc experiences.
    In a desire to “spread the love that is disc golf,” the club travels to other courses in the area.  Future goals include recruiting students and organizing teams from other schools to play against at local courses.

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Joe Sbertoli

Athletic/Activities Director

715-258-4131 ext. 1029


Cindy Ikert

Athletic/Activities Secretary

715-258-4131 ext. 1028


Tel: 715-258-4131

Fax: 715-258-4135

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