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The Waupaca Comet baseball program is designed to introduce and develop baseball skills, to pursue excellence, and reach our potential as players and as a TEAM. Our philosophy is to "play as hard as we can as long as it takes."

The Comet baseball program is open to anyone from grades 9-12, but due to the nature of the game, this program requires a level of competitive spirit and skill, and a willingness and desire to assume the risks of competition and be the best you can be – every day.

The Comet baseball program is built on three levels: a freshmen team, a junior varsity team, and a varsity team. Players from all grades have a chance to compete at any one of the levels depending on an individual’s competitive skill, readiness and the team’s needs.

Meet the Coaches
Mr. Mondello
Varsity Baseball Coach
Mr. Ethan Dayton
JV2 Baseball Coach
Mr. Ryan Dayton
JV2 Baseball Coach
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